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Buy gift certificates to exchange for any of my sagas (excluding A Mother's Christmas Wish) or cosy crime novels, subject to availability. 


The pretty vouchers are professionally printed with their own envelopes. 


They can be sent direct to you as the purchaser or direct to the gift recipient who can redeem them for one or more books.

When vouchers are redeemed, I will sign and dedicate book(s) and include a free bookmark.


Instructions on how to redeem the voucher are included when I send the voucher. 


Buy gift vouchers from £5 upwards.  £5 will buy one book, £10 will buy 2, etc.  Please add £1 for UK postage per voucher.

If you wish to buy for an overseas reader, please contact me for airmail costs. 

For any questions or details on how to pay, please Contact me here

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